Clinical trial management

An integrated and interactive approach

From clinical study logo to publication, we manage all steps of clinical trial conduction, giving equal dignity and importance to all aspects.

Clinical trials, especially multicentric and/or multinational, are complex and require skills, experience, co-ordination, supervision and continuous interaction between parties; these objectives are achieved through focal integration functions.

  • continuous exchanges between CRO and sponsors
  • interaction between sites, sponsor and CRO
  • links between sites
  • co-ordination, continuous update, co-operation and supervision of internal staff at all levels

All our managerial staff, in parallel with their institutional tasks of co-ordination and supervision, are always directly involved in clinical field activities, to maintain a live, direct and updated contact with all issues which are specific to each clinical trial. They also work in close contact and interact with our internal staff (CRA, CTA, CSA)